Douglas H. Gregg
President of CFDM-Nevada;

Douglas and Catherine Gregg are Co-Founders of Christian Formation and Direction Ministries.  They currently live in Henderson, Nevada, where Catherine is the Canon for Church Vitality for the Episcopal Diocese of Nevada.  Douglas serves alongside her as an active volunteer, while overseeing the growth and development of CFDM-Nevada. They both enjoy working together in training and supervising spiritual directors in the growing CFDM Affiliates.

Spiritual Direction

The Gregg’s are both able to provide spiritual direction and supervision for spiritual directors, and are working to develop a Network of Directors in Nevada, composed of men and women who want to be part of the Network and who are already Directors or are in training to be Directors.

CFDM-Nevada is working with graduates of the Certificate Program in Christian Formation & Spiritual Direction offered by CFDM, as well as graduates of other training programs, to provide ongoing supervision, evaluation, referral, and continuing partnership for spiritual directors.

For information regarding training, joining the network, or referral to a qualified Director, contact Douglas at one of the emails listed above.